FA 2021

This collection explores garment making through the simple geometry of squares, triangles, and rectangles.

Through these garments, I explored the space between being Japanese and American by merging different traditions of making, of craft, and material. 

Initially inspired by shadows of trees and the way they interacted with the built environment, it slowly turned into a metaphor for the duality of being Japanese and American, and constantly moving between those two places. Some parts show while others don’t-- in a constantly changing cycle.

The feelings of safety, comfort, and belonging are reflected in each piece; each providing a different narrative and perspective on feeling welcomed and understood. From sheer, to heavy and cumbersome, the volumes of each garment represent this layering and patchwork of shadows and structure, and the complexity of one’s self and identity.

All garments are hand dyed (wool dyed with onion skins and coffee, and cotton with synthetic dyes), and constructed with textile remnants from my grandmother’s house in Suwa, Japan, along with locally sourced wool yarn.