in collaboration with Jesse Groom, BFA in Furniture Design.

Materiality ︎︎︎ by focusing on one single material, we were able to source inspiration from its use in functional applications. Emi’s photo documentation of visits to her family’s home in Nagano, Japan, specifically of her grandmothers sudare (bamboo curtains), provided a focal point of interest. This lead us to exploring the combination of hard and soft material.

Sustainability ︎︎︎ central to our mutual design ethos, we were excited to investigate bamboo for its regenerative quality. Due to its fast growth and invasive nature, we were confident to find it in the local area.

Portability ︎︎︎ An essential parameter to the project, we wanted to design for the transitory person. Defining this loosely, our main concern was to create a structure that could be easily taken apart and rebuilt in a new location.

︎︎︎view process
︎︎︎view assembly timelapse