an artist book, celebrates the beauty in imperfection and decay, amplifying the fragility and delicate nature of the gilded age garments but in a tactile way for community interaction. Embodying the fragility and tenderness of specifically the interiors of the garments, it offers a textural, intimate experience of what the dresses might feel like, fostering a sense of togetherness and a shared history through the passing of the book from hand to hand.

It began as a personal reflection on an observation of the quality of light and the way it interacted with the garments, and the power that absence held in the process of their decay. The light as an amplifier, unearthing hidden narratives and histories that were embedded in each dress, which now feel more like paper than the soft fabrics they once were. The process of uncovering the garments from their slumber in storage and the peeling back of protection to reveal the fragile, scarred, and tender fabric, makes the discovery of what was underneath so special. Embedding my own personal history, through the incorporation of stitched motifs from my grandmother’s textiles, along with remnants of her old yukata lining in the paper itself, the stains, imperfections, and irregularities reflect the multiplicity of experiences that are melded into one object. This book emulates the process of discovery, to offer a similar experience to those who wish to share it.

exhibited in the RISD Museum as part of the Inherent Vice exhibition, 2022